The Step Plan:

In an effort to make design accessible and affordable, I've developed a Step Plan that allows for flexibility in budget and time, and allows a space to come together organically and thoughtfully with a process that is controlled by you, the client. 

Step One: Design Style and Plan

Based on your prefered style, I prepare floor plans, furniture placement and options, colour scheme, lighting, carpeting, window coverings, and other details. This is a broad plan that addresses the design problems that includes pieces you already own. This will be a detailed package for you to keep, and can be executed immediately, or over time as your budget allows. It's also something that you can refer to and use to pursue your final design independently. 

Step Two: Sourcing

If you choose to do so immediately or in several months time, we will then move on to the second step. This includes specific selection process of items - chairs, rugs, lighting, accessories, etc. I provide options at different price points to see different ways the budget can be manipulated. This stage  presents you with a catalogue of appropriate pieces for your style and home and lifestyle. 

Step Three: Execution

This is the final execution of the plan. On your behalf and at your request, I can purchase the items and arrange delivery and style the rooms.


It's not a secret anymore that staging your home for re-sale can mean a big return on investment. But what if you don't live in a standard space, or have standard clients looking at your property? Having Hannotte Interiors stage your home means you get an unique, but universally appealing space that will speak to the hearts and minds of the people viewing your home. I also offer photography styling and propping, and will work with your agent's photographer to create magazine-quality images that will sell your home.



Hey, Saskatchewan (Or where ever you are)! Just because I'm here and you're there doesn't mean I can't help. That's where technology comes into play. We can meet over phone, email, skype, or whatever way you're comfortable with. I'll create a virtual package of your new space complete with local sources,(craigslist/kijiji finds, etc), and you're left to do the dirty work - with guidance! This is a good option for those in-betweeners; those people who mostly know what they want, and mostly know how to get it. And it's cheaper. Packages start at $500/rm.



You want to do-it-yourself but you don't want to make mistakes and having someone else agree or disagree with you helps. Show me what you've got and we'll spend a couple of hours yapping about it to get you going in the direction you want. A 2 hour in-person consult (that can be split into two-one hour meetings) is $350.


Full Service:

An empty corner, a room that you avoid or a whole home to tackle? Let's do it! Each job requires uniquely tailored services that can range from hourly styling to full-on project management.


Have something completely different in mind? That's what working with me allows for: total collaboration in which ever way we can dream up. Let's talk.